Certified Japanese Translation Services – What you need to know

If you’re thinking of working in Japan, or traveling overseas to further your education, then you’ll probably need certified translation of personal & legal documents.

Certified translation is also known as official translation, sworn translation or legal translation.

Here’s a short, but certainly not exclusive, list of official documents commonly translated and certified in Japanese English or English-to-Japanese:

  • Academic Records and Transcripts
  • Bank Statements
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Family Registers (Koseki Tohon)
  • Financial Records
  • Residency Certificates (Juminhyo)

What makes Certified Japanese Translation Services different from regular Japanese translation services?

Essentially, the organization you’re submitting your documents to -be it an embassy, immigration services, university or company- wants to know that the translation has been completed by a competent, trustworthy & independent third party. Therefore, these organizations require certified Japanese document translation be accompanied by a Statement of Certification.

A Statement of Certification (also know as a Certificate of Accuracy) at a minimum should:

  • Be on the translation company letterhead
  • Contain a statement attesting to the accuracy of the translation
  • Include a list of translated documents, date issued and contact information

If anything, please keep in mind that WITHOUT a Statement of Certification you DON’T have certified Japanese translation, just plain vanilla translation! Therefore, ensure the Japanese translation company can, and will, issue the necessary Statement of Certification, before placing your order.

And, that is the essence of certified, legal or official translation Japanese English

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