Don’t Be Unaware of Casino Health Hazards

Stay Healthy With Online Play

When you enter a land-based casino, you’re usually inundated with germs and smells that can make you ill. That’s because many traditional casinos have trouble staying sanitary with the many thousands of people who can come and go each day.

Lots of those people have colds, the flu bug, and other contagious illnesses that you could catch when you come into contact with them, or with the games they were playing. And those are just some of the lots of gross germs in casinos that you might encounter.

Watch Out for Smoke-Filled Casinos

I once sat down to play a slot machine that had cigarette ashes scattered all over the game’s buttons. Instead of using a different slot, I made the mistake of blowing the ashes off the machine and kept playing.

Within a day, I started getting really sick with one of the worst colds I ever experienced. Then it dawned on me: That slot machine I was playing likely had the germs from a chain smoker who had been hacking and coughing all over it.

The hard lesson I learned is that slot machines and gaming tables can be breeding grounds for the many germs that people bring in with them. Worse, many of those people come from widely varying locations. That means lots of different viruses and germs that are not common to where I live, which makes it harder for the immune system to fight off a potential illness.

Bathrooms Are More Sanitary

The simple fact is, land-based casinos are places where you can get sick really fast. That’s because studies show the bathrooms, while routinely cleaned and sanitized, are much cleaner than the slot machines and other gaming devices you might use during a trip to the local casino.

And, there’s plenty of doors, handrails and other items that people routinely touch and leave behind germs and contagions that might make you sick.

Ever eat at the casino buffet? You likely picked up a plate from a pile that many others have touched and possible coughed upon. Worse, many people still won’t cover their mouths when coughing or sneezing, and that means germs that can get into your food and on your dining table.

Sanitizer Helps, but Online Play is Better

There are two ways to deal with the germs you encounter in casinos.

One is to carry sanitizer with you so that you can wipe down the playing surface before taking a seat. But, that does not guarantee good health.

The most effective way to avoid the multitude of germs and other contagions encountered in land-based casinos is to play online from the comfort of your home or other location.

That ensures you are among the few who ever touch the playing surface, while giving you the chance to win a pile of cash playing your favorite casino games. That means you can maintain your best health.


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