Blackjack Strategies to make more money

Welcome to this section which, we are sure, will interest more than one, because after all, who would say “no” to some useful tips to earn more money during your online blackjack games or in a casino like spa resort casino palm springs. The following articles are therefore totally devoted to strategies that you can use during your game of blackjack to become better and win more money. Good reading.

Basic strategy

The basic strategy is as the name suggests, the strategy you absolutely must learn first because it is she who will be “the base” of all others, so you can not ignore it . What is really great with this strategy is that the first shots played with it, you will immediately feel that you take control of the game, it requires of course a time of adaptation but quickly, you will know it not heart.

Counting cards

Once you completely master the basic strategy, you will naturally go to the strategy of counting cards but be careful, do not think that it is as simple to learn, it requires even more practice and because of this, it will take that you are very brave to overcome it. On the other hand, if you manage to use it to perfection, then in this case, you will potentially be able to make thousands of euros fast enough.

The true count

For those who are hungry for precision, the true count will be the ultimate strategy to know, not very difficult to set up, it can greatly refine your card count and if it becomes more precise, it is obvious that you will have even more chance to beat the dealer.

Divide, double, give up

In blackjack, you must perform actions during the game and these can be varied. Among them, you will find “divide”, “double” and “give up”. We wanted to make an article on these three actions because for some, it seems that it is not a good decision to take. Convinced? Wait for the continuation in our article .

The question of insurance

In blackjack, you know that you have the option of choosing insurance in case the bank has an ace in his initial hand, which could therefore bring him to have a natural blackjack. If you want to avoid getting caught, you can then make sure against this natural blackjack. Come learn all about insurance in our specialized article.

Watch out for bad strategies

If you wander the net, looking for new strategies to set up for blackjack, you may fall on sometimes pretty wacky texts that promise you wonders and applying some fairly approximate strategies. For you, we went around the strategies considered bad .

Training in free mode

If you want to succeed in blackjack, you need to practice and what better than the free mode of an online casino or spa resort casino palm springs to put into practice the theory that we teach you? So if you are lacking information on this game mode for blackjack, read our article and let yourself be convinced by the pleasure of a free game.

Tips to put in place

Finally, to finish our section on strategies, we decided to give you all the little tips around blackjack that can be used easily and that can put you in the ideal situation to win. Of course, these tips do not replace the strategies you have had the chance to study before.

The land-based casinos

It is certain that in France, we are rather a country spoiled by land-based casinos because almost all regions have, wherever you are, so you can play in the casino and says casino necessarily says blackjack, except in small rooms that we will not advise you, not because they are not nice but simply because they do not have the resources to offer you blackjack . Rest assured, we have prepared some articles for you to find the casino that will make you happy, and that we did not only for France, but also for our two -speaking neighbors.

In this text prepared by our special correspondent in the field, you will find the most famous land-based casinos to play blackjack. We do not hide the fact that it was difficult to decide between certain establishments but in the end, according to the criteria that matter to you, we were finally able to extirpate some casinos from the lot. If you would like to suggest others, you can do this by sending us the details of the establishment by email and we will send our reporter to go himself to try the blackjack tables there.

Our Belgian friends are honored on our site since part of it is totally dedicated to them. It must be said that the Belgians, in addition to being very nice people and often very party-goers, are high quality players and blackjack lovers. We have often been parties in Belgium and we must admit that we have always been well received by the various directions. It is unfortunate that today, the Belgian land-based casinos like spa resort casino palm springs suffer a little of the non-attendance of their establishments but we are convinced that the industry will quickly leave again.

Switzerland , a small country very welcoming, is also very attached to its casino industry, which is, according to some specialists, of superior quality. This is not necessarily our opinion even if we agree on the fact that Swiss casinos are always very well kept. Blackjack, which had a reputation as a top-of-the-line game decades ago, is quite popular in Switzerland and it is for this reason that we advise you to go for a ride if you have one. the occasion.

How to behave in a physical institution

When we sit at the blackjack tables in the physical casinos we frequent, we sometimes observe some players who do not have the appropriate behavior for this type of institution, which we think is unacceptable. For you not to be one of those players that hate the casinos, we thought it useful to remind you of certain rules of conduct that you must absolutely respect.